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I’m a pianist, singer/songwriter and producer of musical things from Leicestershire, England. I grew up in the delightful British countryside, a few doors down from a steam railway station, opposite a field of sheep; in other words, I had plenty of time to play the piano. When I was 12 (long before the days of YouTube tutorials), I bought a 4-track Zoom recorder, some cheap microphones and a stack of music tech magazines, and taught myself how to record and produce music. I would travel to London every Saturday to study classical music at the Royal College of Music Junior Department.

I moved to the US when I was 18 to study at Berklee College of Music, where I started a band with my pals and put out a few instrumental jazz/rock EPs as Dave Mackay Group. We all moved to New York City after college and set out on self-booked tours of the US, UK and Europe, teaching masterclasses at music colleges along the way. We learned what it is to tour; what it is to play an empty room; what it is to unexpectedly sell out a show in a country you’ve never been to before. Most importantly, we made some wonderful friends out on the road. 

At some point I realized that my musical heroes weren’t actually jazz pianists, and that 90% of what I wanted to listen to had a voice and lyrics. And so began a minor artistic upheaval…it was time to add vocals to the mix. I locked myself away for many months, taught myself to sing and write songs (I will forever consider myself a student of this), and put out a full length record of original songs called Restart in 2016. I have since moved to Los Angeles and am writing more new music than I can keep track of. It will exist in the big wide world anon.

When I’m not self-indulging and being all bohemian, I love to make music with other people. I’ve performed and/or music directed for some magnificent artists in the last few years, including Art Garfunkel, Grace Weber, Låpsley, Chord Overstreet and Emily Elbert. Some personal highlights have been shows at Glastonbury Festival (UK), the London Palladium (UK), Vienna Konzerthaus (Austria), Olympia Theatre (Paris), Kennedy Center (US) and Orchard Hall (Tokyo).

I play Nord Keyboards. They are phenomenal creative weapons.